Ryu fighting Jaquio
World 4-? Boss
Class Boss
Species Demon
Affiliation(s) N/A
Original Appearance(s) Ninja Gaiden

The Jaquio: His very name - Jaki-Ou - means Wicked Demon King. Once Guardia de Mieux, he took upon the power of an ancient God sealed in twin statues hidden across the world. Ryu Hayabusa killed him before he could release the God, revealed to be a demon. Later, Jaquio returned again, trying to open the Gate of Darkness. Ryu defeated him again, and his blood became the trigger he was looking for, turning him into a monster. He was defeated again, and presumed dead. Now, Jaquio has returned again...and he has stolen some of Legion's terrifying power. He is more powerful than ever.


Jaquio moves slowly across the room, releasing fast moving fireballs that are difficult to dodge. Enemies called Spider Wights appear in the room, and can be picked up and thrown at Jaquio to damage him.

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