Isle of Mystery
World 1-18
Time 0
Universe Based On Original
Level Designer Genisi
Exits One
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) The Siren
Difficulty Normal
Introduced in Game Version v 0.3 Beta
Isle of Mystery is the 18th level in the Mushroom Kingdom. It is a lonely island that is nearly devoid of wildlife-- only a few handfuls of Munchers live here now. The island is also blanketed in an eerie fog, and only the sound of silence is all that can be heard. It's obvious that something has occured here, but what?

At the beginning, the player swims from an offshore raft and finds the home of a previous Toad occupant. The owner's diary lies torn on the ground, and as you read, you think you hear the faint sound of a singing woman. But when you find the source of the voice, will it be a moment of joy... or will it be the last thing you ever hear? And, most importantly...

...what is the Isle of Mystery's secret?

Once the player completes W4-WB, the player can acces the Toad's House. A cavern lies beyond the Toad's basement, leading to the World 5 Exit.

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