Industrial Nightmare
World 2-S5

Time 600

Universe Based On Earth

Level Designer JudgeSpear, Hello, JDogindy

Exits One

Mini-Boss(es) Mouser

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v.25

Industrial Nightmare is the fifth secret level located in Alternate Earth. It's a dangerous factory level in Eastern Europe that has the player evading Mario enemies along the way.

The level starts off with the player making their way to the right, dealing with Mario foes, conveyor belts moving every which-way and open pits of acid. After that is a free Hammer Bros. Suit and a ride in a Lakitu cloud through a swarm of Bullet Bills over open pits of molten metal. Following that is a mini-boss battle against Mouser on a conveyor belt, 


This level was originally planned to be where Agent M was unlocked before she was removed from the game.

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