Green Grove Zone
World 7-1
Time 900
Universe Based On Sonic 3D Blast
Level Designer Lars Luron
Exits 2
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) Egg Tumbler
Difficulty Easy
Introduced in Game Version v0.5
Green Grove Zone is the 1st Level in World 7, Mobius. It is loosely based off of the first world of Sonic 3D Blast for the Sega Genesis. It takes place in a lush green wilderness, filled with countless trees and exotic plants, all overlooking a sparkling pristine ocean view.

Green Grove Zone is a "compound level" of sorts, combining together elements from all of the first levels in the various Sonic games throughout the series, such as Green Hill, Emerald Hill, Angel Island, Neo Green Hill, Splash Hill, and more. It is not a true "Fusion level" as it seamlessly blends all the different elements together into something new, rather than focusing on the fusion aspect.. As it is the first level of the world, Green Grove serves as sort of an introduction to World 7 - it has a lot of basic Badniks from throughout the series, and uses a lot of the game's basic objects such as springs, swinging platforms, and breakable walls. There are numerous secret caches hidden all over the level, containing rupees, coins, 1ups, and various powerups, as well as one especially well-hidden area containing an alternate route, which is modeled after the Green Hills Zone (from the Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2) and contains the level's secret exit.

The villainous Dr. Robotnik makes his first appearance at the end of the level, appearing to attack the player personally with his special battle machine, the Egg Tumbler. It is not a difficult battle, though, and beating him will allow the player to progress to the end of the stage.

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