Golden Pharaoh
Link squaring off against the Golden Pharaoh.
World 9-S5 Mini-Boss
Class Mini-Boss
Species Animated Statue
Affiliation(s) Minion of Tanzra
Original Appearance(s) ActRaiser
The Golden Pharaoh is a mini-boss in World 9, the Edge of Beyond. It is encountered in the second secret level, Anciena Pyramid.


The Golden Pharaoh is, as the name would lead one to believe, a large, golden statue of a Pharaoh's head. It lacks all limbs, and simply floats around. Imagine how large the Pharaoh himself would have been!

Attack patterns

The Golden Pharaoh's main strategy is to hover around the arena, and attempt to crush the player with its mass. It also will shoot energy projectiles at the player, and mini Pharaoh statues randomly appear throughout the battle to fire arrows from the sides of the arena to catch players off guard. Stay alert, and this shall be an easy battle.



A long time ago, in the town of Casnadora, there was a pyramid built as a testament to the power of the Pharaoh, who was entombed with his slaves. Much later, the Pharaoh was resurrected by Tanzra. The townspeople of Casnadora were mislead to the pyramid, and drawn to its evil.

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