General Morden

212768-donald morden large

Alternate Earth World Boss

Class World Boss

Species Human

Affiliation(s) Alliance of Legion

Original Appearance(s) Metal Slug

General Donald Morden is the second World Boss of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. The Mushroom Kingdom Coalition will have to face him in World 2, Alternate Earth.


The main antagonist of the Metal Slug series, General Morden has sought world domination since the first game. His Rebellion Army usually is the main opposition of the player, save only for Metal Slug 5, where he is absent, and 6, where he aids the player at the end of the game. However, he quickly returns to his old ways in the seventh game. During this time, he has only served as the final boss twice.

General Morden is shown to be a bumbling madman, suffering horrible fates in each of his roles from being crushed by helicopters to hung out of flying saucers. Despite this, he still inspires fear in his enemies, being dubbed "the Antichrist" by the Regular Army High Command and thought to be behind the Amadeus Terror Syndicate of the fourth game.

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