Gemini Canyon
World 6-7
World 6-7
Time 000
Universe Based On Gemini Wings
Level Designer Gladiacloud
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) None
Difficulty Hard
Introduced in Game Version v0.5
Gemini Canyon is the seventh level in Adventurer's Domain. A level from the shoot-em-up game Gemini Wings, it has been modified to work as a platforming level.

It begins high in the sky as the player works their way across clouds before dropping to the titular canyon and making their way across and down there, eventually hitting the water. From there, an auto-scrolling section leads the player back up the canyon in front of a waterfall, leading to the end of the level.

As it is modeled after a shooter game, it has a lot of enemies, many of which fly.

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