Nintendo Subspace World Boss
Class World Boss
Species Gerudo, Demon
Affiliation(s) Forces of Legion, Villain Alliance
Original Appearance(s) Legend of Zelda
"I never imagined a boy like you could give me so much trouble."

Ganondorf is the King of Evil,is a World Boss in World 8:Nintendo Subspace the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda series, and a high ranking commander of the Forces of Legion.


The eventual creation of the hatred of the demon king Demise, Ganondorf was the leader of the Gerudos, a race of humans who lived in the desert to the west of Hyrule. He later became the King's right-hand man.

When Link opened the door in the Temple of Time and pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal, he was put to sleep within the sacred realm until he became old enough to become the Hero of Time. While this was happening, Ganondorf entered the Temple of Time and stole the Triforce of Power, taking over Hyrule and ruling over it with an iron fist. Seven years later, he was defeated by an adult Link. However, he did not give up, and used his last breath to transform himself into the monstrosity known as Ganon. He was again defeated by Link, and sealed within the Sacred Realm by Zelda, taking the Triforce of Power with him.

Since then, Ganondorf's fate has varied across the Hyrule timelines. In some, he retains the form on Ganondorf; in others, the Triforce of Power has mutated him into a monstrous being simply called Ganon. Regardless, a hero known as Link continued to rise up and take him down until he is somehow brought back once again.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Ganondorf joined the Forces of Legion, and impressed him so much with his tactical abilities and powers of darkness, as well as his massive army comparable to that of Bowser's, that he was quickly made second in command, alongside Dracula and Kamek. Rather then take control of an entire world, he has set up several bases across the worlds (Alternate Earth, Demon Realm, Gehenna, and Nintendo Subspace), to spread his influence, although Nintendo Subspace is his main base of operations. In truth, however, his real loyalty was to the Villain Alliance, which was formed when he, along with Zero, discovered the dark energy deep within Twisted Reality that Legion himself ignored.

Villain Alliance
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