Fillmore Weald
World 6-4

Time 1400

Universe Based On ActRaiser

Level Designer AuraLancer

Exits 2

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v0.4
Fillmore Weald (formerly known as Mystic Forest) is the 4th level in Adventurer's Domain, taking place in the opening act of Actraiser.

As the name implies, this level takes place in the heart of a thick forest, with patches of bramble vines acting as spikes. The player must use the treants and rope platforms to safely traverse the bramble-ridden sections while avoiding enemies such as the bouncing Rabites, angry Actraiser hornets, low flying Mana Dragons and acid spitting Eukaryotes. It won't be a simple hike through the woods.


From the original version of Fillmore Weald, it was known as Mystic Forest, the second level of Alternate Earth. The enemies mostly consisted of Mario enemies, Banzai Bills were replaced by Secret of Mana Dragons. More Goombas were added to the level as well. This level recieved a new makeover once again, this time being built from the ground up. This version is the final revamp.

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