Energy Zone
World 9-10

Time Infinite

Universe Based On Contra

Level Designer Obreck2

Exits One

Mini-Boss(es) Satellite, Bomb Man

Boss(es) Robocorpse

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v.0.3

Energy Zone is the 10th level of Edge of Beyond and is a Contra-based level. This level is modeled after the lost technology levels from the original Contra and features its enemies exclusively as the regular foes. A special feature in this level is that all guns revert to a basic, infinite-ammo gun once they are depleted, due to the run-and-gun nature of the level.

The stage opens with a run along a corridor, facing Contra troops and streams of fire. After that is a satellite mini-boss that can only be harmed when its camera "eye" is open. After that is another corridor section, where spiked walls pop up and ceiling spikes drop down in patterns that must be avoided, as well as more enemies. At the end is a fight in an elevator shaft against Bomb Man before the real boss fight, Robo-Corpse.

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