The following is a list of enemies from the titular Halo series of games, that are foes that mainly appear in World 9, the Edge of Beyond.

The Covenant

Covenant Elite

The Elite is a species in the Covenant alliance, primarily serving as commanding species until the events of Halo 2. In Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, Elites attack with a Plasma Rifle, which fires in three directions. They cannot be stomped.

Covenant Grunt


The Covenant Grunt is the basic ranking amongst the Covenant forces in the Halo series. A Covenant Grunt comes in two different varieites in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, one wearing a yellow jacket and another wearing a red jacket. The yellow Covenant Grunt carries a Covenant Plasma Pistol while the red Covenant Grunt throws Covenant Plasma Grenades. The yellow will shoot at the character in a horizontal path while the red will throw a plasma grenade at the character while saying a short phrase like, "Heads Up!" or "Here it goes!" The Covenant Grunt is the only Covenant enemy that can be stomped unless you are playing as Wario.

Covenant Hunter

Hunters are actually an assemblage of worm-like entities that create communal, armor plated form. They are the strongest Covenant fighting units, wielding powerful Assault Cannons (a modified form of the Fuel Rod Gun). In Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, they serve as one of the game's most formidable enemies. They attack with their Assault Cannons. They usually carry Keys that are used to unlock gates to progress through a level.

The Flood

Flood infection form

The weakest enemy of the Flood. Green ones die when you stomp on them, while red ones get stunned when you stomp them. They can be tossed like Koopa/Buzzy/Spiny shells when stunned.

Flood combat form

These are the most aggressive of the Flood enemies. They actively hunt down the player and can even climb low ledges to get to the player. Some carry weapons for the player to use.

Flood carrier form

These are slow-moving grotesquely swollen bipedal creatures. When stomped, they will swell and explode, releasing five Flood Infection Forms on the player. Only a POW Block can destroy a Carrier Form in one hit for good!

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