Egg Shroom
Robotnik fights against Mario using the Mushroom Kingdom's deadliest hazard.
World 7-S1 Boss
Class Boss
Species Machine
Affiliation(s) Dr. Robotnik
Original Appearance(s) Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

The Egg Shroom Mk.I is a unique machine created by Dr. Robotnik, and the boss of World 7-S1, Tainted Toadstool Zone. Piloted by the Egg Robo, Robotnik's mechanical assistant, the Egg Shroom combines the technology of Sonic's realm with the fungi of Mario's realm. Designed to resemble a huge Poison Mushroom, the Egg Shroom is protected by a swirling barrier made up entirely of Poison Mushrooms. These mushrooms will gradually be plucked from the barrier and dropped onto the scrolling platforms below in groups of 1, 2, or 3, where they will slide towards the player, until no more mushrooms surround the main body. At this point the boss will be vulnerable, and will drop down to a much lower level, where it will proceed to vacuum up a large number of toxic spores from the pit below, which will shortly be converted into more Poison Mushrooms, regenerating the barrier. When the Egg Shroom reaches low HP, it will speed up the frequency in which it drops Poison Mushrooms, and also starts dropping them in clumps of 4 in addition to the other numbers. Also, the terrain during the battle is made up of auto-scrolling mushroom platforms above a bottomless pit, although they are spaced close enough together that you wouldn't need to worry so much about falling as you would the deadly mushrooms.

The Egg Shroom is completely invulnerable to projectiles, and can only be harmed by stomps or spin-dashes. A pair of Stomp Boots is provided at the beginning of the area for non-stompers.

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