Egg Pinball
Mario challenges Dr. Robotnik to an epic game of pinball.
World 7-8 Boss
Class Boss
Species Machine
Affiliation(s) Dr. Robotnik
Original Appearance(s) Sonic the Hedgehog CD
The Egg Pinball is the boss of World 7-8, Collision Chaos. It is a giant machine mounted at the top of a massive pinball table, piloted by it's creator Dr. Robotnik.

Once the player enters the pinball table and initiates the boss battle, Robotnik will defend the Egg Pinball by sealing off a gate leading to the shaft it's stationed in. From there, he will unleash a constant barrage of special pinballs. These pinballs do no damage, but they function much like pinball bumpers, and can easily knock the player into one of the sets of spikes situated around the arena.

In order to make the Egg Pinball vulnerable, the player will have to play some pinball of their own. In the lower center of the table is a special spinner object mounted about a panel of lights. Passing upwards through this spinner will cause one of the lights on the panel to light up- when all three are lit, it will open up the gate preventing access to Robotnik and his machine. The player then has a limited amount of time before the gate closes again- they must climb to the top of the arena, and use the flippers to smash into the bottom of the Egg Pinball. This will damage it enough to push it uprwards a short ways; after which Robotnik will close another gate, and reset the light panel. The player must repeat this process three more times before it reaches the top of the shaft, forcing Robotnik to abandon his machine and flee as the Egg Pinball crashes into the ceiling above and self-destructs. Destroying the Egg Pinball will not automatically end the level, but it will open the path to the level goal just beyond.

Unlike most bosses, the Egg Pinball doesn't actually have hit points, and so no life bar is displayed.

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