Egg Mobile Fire
Link hopes that Dr. Robotnik "gets the point".
World 7-4 Boss
Class Boss
Species Piloted Vehicle
Affiliation(s) Dr. Robotnik
Original Appearance(s) Sonic the Hedgehog

The Egg Mobile Fire is the boss of World 7-4: the Marble Zone. It is a modified version of the Egg Mobile pod piloted by Dr. Robotnik.

The Egg Mobile Fire is one of Robotnik's classic designs; it has a very simple attack pattern, unlike the more sophisticated designs of his more modern machines. It's main function is to fire a single fireball straight downwards, which will temporarily set the ground on fire. It will swoop back and forth between the two sides of the room, setting the platform on that side on fire and attempting to force the player into the lava pool in the center of the room. As it swoops back and forth across the room, it passes low enough to where it can be stomped. Should the player not have the ability to stomp, Stomp Boots are provided shortly beforehand.

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