Egg Marine
Wario ducks and covers to avoid an onslaught of projectiles from Dr. Robotnik.
World 7-2 Boss
Class Boss
Species Machine
Affiliation(s) Dr. Robotnik
Original Appearance(s) Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System/ Game Gear)
The Egg Marine is the stage boss of World 7-2, the Bridge Zone.

Piloted by the evil mechanical genius Dr. Robotnik, the Egg Marine is a submersible attack craft capable of firing bursts of up to three fireballs at a time. It happens to be one of Robotnik's earlier designs, though, making it rather predictible. It attacks by surfacing along one side of the arena, firing a volley of fireballs, then submerging, re-emerging on the opposite side, and repeating the pattern.

It has been slightly improved since it's original appearance, though, as now it is not only capable of firing additional volleys of fireballs as it accumulated damage, but it is also capable of partially aiming it's attack upwards, in the event the player tries to get above or behind it to avoid it's attacks. In the end it is still rather easy to defeat, and will explode after taking enough damage, releasing Dr. Robotnik in his trademark Egg Mobile pod to flee to safety.

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