Edge of Beyond
World 9

Universe(s) Represented Halo

Number of Levels 10 normal
5 secret
1 world boss level

Coin Skin Halo Marathon Coins

World Boss 343 Guilty Spark

Edge of Beyond (previously known as Halo Ringworld) is the ninth world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It features levels based on the Halo games as well as games with an overall Science-Fiction theme. The World Boss is 343 Guilty Spark. Unlike the other worlds, the levels have no time limit.


Edge of Beyond acts as the space fiction/sci-fi world of the game. The Halo series serves as the central focus of the world, but stages based on other sci-fi video games will be made as required or secret levels.

Like The Megaverse, this world contains an exclusive power-up in the form of the Sci-Fi Suit.


Total number of levels: 16

  • Normal Levels: 10
  • Secret Levels: 5
  • World Boss: 1


Normal Levels

  • World 9-1: Covenant Assault (Halo level)
  • World 9-2: Red Rock City (Commander Keen level)
  • World 9-3: Bydo Station (R-Type platform level)
  • World 9-4: Zebes(Metroid level)
  • World 9-5: Silius (Journey to Silius level)
  • World 9-6: Gradius Speed Zone (Gradius platform level)
  • World 9-7: Infected Station (Halo/Contra fusion level)
  • World 9-8: CLASSIFIED (A level based off of Metroid Fusion, but without the infestation of X parasites. Will likely involve a boss battle against Ridley. Some Metroid enemies available.)
  • World 9-9: CLASSIFIED
  • World 9-10: Energy Zone (Contra level)
  • World 9-WB: The Library

Secret Levels

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