Ecco's Ocean
World 7-S3

Time Unlimited

Universe Based On Ecco the Dolphin

Level Designer Gladiacloud, Kingofsupaht3dS01

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) N/A

Boss(es) N/A

Difficulty Easy

Introduced in Game Version v0.5

Ecco's Ocean is the third secret level in World 7, Mobius.

Based on the Ecco the Dolphin series of games, it takes place almost entirely underwater, save for the very beginning and very end. The level takes the player through a pristine undersea grotto, filled with a multitude of marine wildlife. Wild dolphins and tropical fish swim past you all around, but there are also poisonous jellyfish and puffer fish to watch out for. Halfway through the level, the player enters a series of ancient underwater ruins, which have been taken over by both hostile native wildlife, and by a number of Robotnik's "badnik" robots. In addition, the ruins still have some active traps that may catch intruders off guard.

This level is notable in that it does not provide a Life Jacket power-up for characters who can't swim; instead, a number of special blocks will appear as stepping stones for those characters, allowing them to use their traditional underwater gameplay.

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