E.G.G. Truck
Sonic forgets to look both ways before crossing the street.
World 7-5 Boss
Class Boss
Species Vehicle
Affiliation(s) Dr. Robotnik
Original Appearance(s) Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

The E.G.G. Truck and Metal Sonic are the dual bosses of World 7-5: City Escape. Both bosses battle against the player at the same time, taking turns launching various attacks against them.

The truck itself is heavily armored, and is completely impervious to all manner of damage, save one. Metal Sonic is invincible to all manner of ranged projectiles, and quickly defends himself against melee attacks with an electrical barrier. Each foe has a variety of attacks they can choose from to use against the player- the Truck mostly uses heavy artillery such as missiles and bombs, while Metal Sonic uses a variety of electrical attacks. To make things even more difficult, this battle takes place on the freeway at high speed, meaning the player must run forward constantly to avoid being hit by the truck (doing so does no damage, but it does stun the player for a short time, making them more vulnerable to attacks).

However the E.G.G. Truck has one weakness; that weakness being Metal Sonic. As the duo alternate between attacks, after so many attacks are launched one of the two will use a different manner of attack. In the case of the truck, it will be an attack that can be used to hurt Metal Sonic; in the case of Metal Sonic, it will be an attack that will drain all of his energy, leaving him powered down and vulnerable to damage to a short time. If the player manages to take advantage of one of these situations, they can hurt Metal Sonic, causing him to fly out of control and smack into the truck, eventually crashing into the truck's cab and dealing it damage. Metal Sonic will quickly recover, and the two will resume their attacks.

After causing Metal Sonic to crash into the cab of the truck a certain number of times, The truck will finally start breaking apart and slowing down, eventually exploding off-screen as the Egg Robo driving it escapes in an Egg Mobile, carrying a deactivated Metal Sonic in tow.

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