Class Boss

Species Vampire

Affiliation(s) Forces of Legion, Villain Alliance

Original Appearance(s) Castlevania (1986, NES)

Dracula is a boss in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. The recurring foe of the Belmont clan, Dracula is immortal and very powerful.


Originally a man named Mathias Cronqvist, he once worked alongside Leon Belmont, ancestor of Simon Belmont and the rest of the Belmont Clan. When Mathis turned to evil after losing his wife to a vampire and blaming God for his misfortune, he used an artifact called the Crimson Stone to steal the vampire's soul and turn into one himself, dubbing himself Count Dracula. In his rage, Leon swore that he and all future generations of Belmonts would hunt the night and destroy supernatural evil using the Vampire Killer, the whip used to destroy the vampire whose soul gave Dracula his powers.

Since then, Dracula has continually returned from the dead and been destroyed, both by Belmonts and others, only to continue to return as long as mankind held hatred in its heart.

MKFusion Role

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Dracula acts as a member of the Villain Alliance, a group of foes in the employ of Legion who plot to take Legion down and acquire his power for themselves.

Spoilers end here.

Villain Alliance
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