Doc Robot

Reoccurring Mini-Boss
Class Mini-Boss
Species Robot
Affiliation(s) Dr. Wily, Alliance of Legion
Original Appearance(s) Mega Man 3

Doc Robot is a reoccurring mini-boss who appears in World 3 and beyond. He is also a common wandering world map enemy.


The Doc Robots where a series of eight robots designed by Dr. Wily. Capable of impersonating other humanoid robots with near flawless accuracy, the 8 Doc Robots where each assigned a Mega Man 2 robot master's AI and sent to attack Mega Man. Though all eight where destroyed by the blue bomber, their main purpose was achieved: buying Wily the time needed to steal the super robot Gamma and escape Dr. Light's lab uncontested.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Joining the Alliance of Legion gave Dr. Wily access to funding and resources beyond any he possessed before. In order to assemble a massive army in a short period of time, Wily rebuilt many on his older robot masters, and resumed production on several abandoned robot lines, including the Doc Robot series. The Doc Robot series quickly became popular with the other leaders of Legion's armies, due to their relative ease of production and the near infinite adaptability of their impersonation protocols. This prompted Wily to expand their AI, making them capable of copying the attack patterns of organic humanoids as well.

In most Doc Robot encounters the Doc Robot takes on a random boss form, mainly from robot masters. Doc Robots cannot switch forms mid battle; they stick to the first form they take. If the player loses to a Doc Robot and then refights them, they may take on a different form.

A few Doc Robots take on a specific forms. For example one of the Demon Realm Doc Robots copies the attacks of the DOOM Marine. Some early encountered Doc Robots are limited to a few easier forms, as not to spoil future bosses or force the player to combat one of the harder robot masters early in World 3.


Pics of Doc Robot impersonating Gutsman:

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