Death Chompers
Just one of the three Death Chompers guarding a gate leading to the Necromancer in the massive body of the Behemoth.
World 4-4 Mini-Boss
Class Mini-Boss
Species Conjured Beast
Affiliation(s) Necromancer's Guards
Original Appearance(s) *Turtle Ship (1988 Philko) - Stage 4 mini boss

Death Chompers are car-sized creatures that serve as mini-bosses in the Corpse of the Behemoth level. These creatures are not part of the Behemoth but were conjured up by the Necromancer to serve as gate guards. The Mushroom Kingdom Coalition encounters three of these hideous beasts in the vena cava area of Corpse of the Behemoth.


These ugly creatures resemble a huge gray balloon with a mouth full of sharp teeth. They also have sharp spikes as a means of defense, rendering them immune to physical contact.

Attack patterns

Death Chompers patrol a set path above the ground. They spit out large Grubs to attack potential intruders. These Grubs can be picked up and tossed back at the Death Chompers. While the victims are preoccupied with the Grubs, the Death Chompers will fire a five-way spread of fireballs into the fray. Each Death Chomper holds a key that unlocks nearby gates.


Chomper ts
The Death Chomper is a mini-boss enemy in a very obscure arcade SHMUP called Turtle Ship, made in 1988 by a Korean company called Philko. Turtle Ship is actually a hack of a 1986 Capcom arcade SHMUP called Side Arms Hyper Dyne. Turtle Ship has many of the sound effects found in Side Arms, as well as the Side Arms logo hidden in the game's graphics ROM table.

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