Darkstone Cemetery
World 4-4
Time 800
Universe Based On Castlevania series
Level Designer Lars Luron
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) N/A
Boss(es) Sir Grakul
Difficulty Medium
Introduced in Game Version v0.5

Darkstone Cemetery is the fourth level in World 4, the Demon Realm. Based off of the first level from the classic Game Boy game The Castlevania Adventure, the level takes place in a remote mountain graveyard that has since fallen into disrepair. The player starts off in the forest along the base of the mountain, and has to gradually climb to the summit, fighting off various enemies from the Castlevania series such as Skull Pillars, Fleamen, and explosive Big Eyes, as well as enemies from other games such as Demon's Crest and the Legend of Zelda series. The player exits the forested area about halfway through the level, with the terrain growing more and more barren and rocky, until eventually it is made up of solid rock. At the summit of the mountain graveyard, the player will find themselves face-to-face against the living armor Sir Grakul, who they will have to defeat in order to complete the level.

The level layout itself is fairly simple and straight-forward, with no special gimmicks or anything. Most of the danger in the level comes from the various enemies, many of which respawn infinitely. There are no spikes or damaging floors, and no bottomless pits apart from one or two large ones that must be crossed with the use of treacherous falling platforms. There are no ? blocks in this stage- instead there are Castlevania-style candles spread about, that give out coins and rupees. Other items are contained in Demon's Crest-style urns found in strategic locations.

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