Covenant Thy Veggies
World 9-S1


Universe Based On Halo

Level Designer Judgespear

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v0.1 Beta RC2

Covenant Thy Veggies is a first secret level in Edge of Beyond with lots of Halo enemies and Vegetables. It is a short level for the Halo world, more on par with a Mushroom Kingdom level, that only contains one exit and a very straightforward path. You can deal with the Halo enemies by throwing vegetables, Shy Guys, and even shooting them. As the name implies, the theme of this level is to defeat the enemies using mostly veggies. There are lots of Sci-Fi Suits in this level as well.


This level was originally a test level for programming the Halo enemies. It was eventually integrated into the game proper for its first public release.

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