Character Type Playable Character
Affiliation Good
Personality Innocent
Original Appearance Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
Original Occupation Alien
Cosmo was to be the seventh secret playable character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. He was later scrapped when the developer behind him quit.


Cosmo was an alien who wanted to visit Disney World for his birthday. Unfortunately, while he and his parents were enroute to Earth, a comet hits their ship, forcing them to land on an uncharted planet for repairs. Cosmo explored the landscape for an hour, and when he returned, he found that his parents were missing and there are strange footprints on the ground. Fearing that his parents might get eaten, Cosmo embarks on a journey to find them.

After an incident where he got swallowed by a monster, Cosmo found himself in a city, where he met a blue alien named Zonk. Zonk explained that he had been looking for Cosmo, as he had taken his parents to safety. Zonk had helped repair their ship, and Cosmo and his parents resumed their trip to Disney World, where Cosmo had the best birthday ever.


  • Cosmo has limited speed, only about that of Mario's walking speed. To compensate, he has a very long and high jump.
  • Cosmo can take up to four hits, three from a lifebar and one after it's been drained.
  • His only attack is to drop bombs, which explode after a period of time. If dropped from mid-air, they float down. He can refill his supply with power-up blocks.
  • Like Ryu, he can cling to walls. However, he can't normally climb them and must jump up or down and restick to them to scale them.


Power-Up Form Description
Mega Man Suit Duo Cosmo This form gives Cosmo a charged shot that fires out a large fist. Weaker shots will not go the full distance of the screen.
Sci-Fi Suit Sarien Guard Cosmo Cosmo turns into the guard from Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter. It gives him a full suit of armor and a pulse-ray pistol to instantly take out weak enemies and harm large ones.

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