Corpse of the Behemoth
World 4-5

Time 1000 (level)
600 (boss)

Universe Based On Devil May Cry 3 (Inspiration)

Level Designer JudgeSpear

Exits 2

Mini-Boss(es) Death Chompers × 3

Boss(es) The Necromancer

Difficulty Very Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.2 Beta

Corpse of the Behemoth is the fifth level in The Demon Realm. This is a grueling level with very little room for error. According to Judgespear, this is one of the most aggravating levels in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.


In this level, the Mushroom Kingdom Coalition must stop an evil Necromancer, under the orders of Legion, from resurrecting the colossal corpse of a terrifying beast known as the Behemoth. The Necromancer was seen entering the corpse to resurrect the monster from within. The Coalition is forced to enter the corpse themselves in pursuit of the Necromancer. They must brave bodily systems starting to come back to life, such as the immune system and the digestive system. In addition, Necromancer conjured up three Death Chompers guarding the path to where the Necromancer resides to resurrect the Behemoth's heart undisturbed.

Key areas

  • Outside the Behemoth corpse: Locate a key to unlock the gate to enter the Behemoth's gaping mouth.
  • The Esophagus: Hazards include instantly fatal villi, which will kill anyone instantly, even fully powered-up and under Starman invincibility.
  • The Stomach: Navigate through the remains of Behemoth's last meal. There is a flooded area which the Coalition must traverse, filled with villi.
  • The Vena Cava: This is the return pathway to the heart. The three Death Chompers patrol this area, each possessing a key to disengage nearby gates.
  • The Pericardium: The location of the Behemoth's Heart and the Necromancer.


Normal enemies populated in this level:

  • Grubs: These giant worm-like creatures live off the rotting corpse. They are resilient and are immune to normal stomps. They can be picked up and thrown at other threats.
  • White Blood Cells: These are the Behemoth's immune system defenses. They will pursue the player relentlessly and have the tendency to gang up on the player.
  • Red Cell: These cells move faster than White Blood Cells. Stomp on them to stun them. While stunned, they can be tossed like Koopa Shells.
  • Guard Cell: These giant cells patrol a set path, damaging any foreign object they touch.
  • Anemone: When these sessile organisms detect a threat, they will release acidic spores in their vicinity.
  • Skull Fish: These demonic fish-like creatures inhabit the Behemoth's dormant stomach. They will jump at potential prey out of the water.

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