Containers is a catch-all term for any object designed for the sole purpose of placing an item within it. These come in a variety of forms, each with their own manner of interacting with and releasing the item.

  • ? Blocks: The most common form, these are activated by hitting from below.
  • Sonic Monitors: A TV style block with a picture of the item in question on the front. These are used by jumping on them or hitting them with an attack from the side.
  • Standard: A basic container easily used in any form or sized. The contents are accessed by throwing or hitting them.
  • Chests: This container is opened by jumping on or hitting it. Some of them can contain two items.
  • Presents: Comes in two types: ones on the ground, and ones suspended in the air by balloons. They function similarly to ? blocks, but don't leave behind empty blocks to stand on. Ground presents must be jumped on to open, while balloon presents must be hit from below.
  • Snake Holes: Holes in the ground that contain items. They are covered with lids adorned with a question mark, which must be pulled off to release the contents inside.
  • Urns: Ancient porcelain urns containing various items. Although the player can stand on them, they can easily be broken open with projectiles, koopa shells, or spin-jumps.

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