Construction Site
World 3-4

Time 2000

Universe Based On Mega Man Universe
*Mega Man

Level Designer Capcom

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) Doc Robot

Boss(es) Needleman

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v0.2 Beta

Construction Site is the 4th level in The Megaverse. This stage is based upon Needle Man's stage in Mega Man 3, both the original stage and the revisited section.

The first part of the level is a large construction site with a city in the background, modeled after the layout of the original stage. Enemies include hedgehogs that shoot needles, cannons and Mets. Various needle traps are also included, which the player must navigate past before they come down. The background is the skyline of Shanghai, China.

There are two Doc Robot sections from later in Mega Man 3, who act as mini-bosses. After the first one, the background later changes to a ruined city from the revisited version of the original stage, and a war can be heard as the ambient sounds. The player must navigate past a Rush Jet section. Needle Man is found and fought at the very end of the level.

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