Clawgrip attacks Luigi in the Sea of Muck.


Class Mini-Boss

Species Crab

Affiliation(s) Wart

Original Appearance(s) Super Mario Bros. 2

“Yar! You'll make a tasty treat!”

Clawgrip, also known as Clawglip due to translation errors, is a giant crab and a boss from Super Mario Bros. 2. Fought in several levels, Clawgrip would attack players by using his claws to throws boulders at them; in order to injure Clawgrip, these boulders would need to be caught by the player's character and thrown back at Clawgrip. He usually guards keys to progress farther or alternate level exits.


Clawgrip is, as stated above, a giant, red, boulder-tossing crab. It was originally an ally of Wart during his conquest of the dream world Subcon, but now serves as an obstacle for the Coalition, attacking any who come near it in whatever location it has taken up residence.

Attack Patterns

Clawgrip is usually found on a raised platform with a stockpile of boulders which it will toss at the Coalition, while wandering back and forth on said platform. Once again, players will need to catch the flying boulders and throw them back at the crab in order to deal out some damage. Or kill him with starman


Clawgrip first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2, replacing the Albino Mouser which appeared in its place in Doki Doki Panic, as Nintendo deemed the Albino Mouser too difficult for American audiences to overcome.

Official art of Clawgrip.

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