City Escape
World 7-5
Time 1500
Universe Based On Sonic Adventure 2
Level Designer Lars Luron
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) E.G.G. Truck / Metal Sonic
Difficulty Medium
Introduced in Game Version Future Versions
City Escape is the 5th level in World 7, Mobius. It is based off of the first level from Sonic Adventure 2.

City Escape takes place in one of Mobius' major cities. Like the rest of the world, it too has been taken over by Dr. Robotnik. The forces of the military organization G.U.N., that once protected the city, have been defeated and run out of town, and the citizens are oppressed by Robotnik's army of Badniks. Many of the city's colorful billboards and posters have been replaced by dark images commanding the populace to "OBEY", and the streets are patrolled by the gargantuan E.G.G. Truck, that can quickly crush all potential rebellions by deploying a large platoon of Egg Robo troops.

A short distance into the city, the coalition encounters the E.G.G. Truck on patrol- that happens to be carrying Robotnik's own trio of mechanical Sonic doppelgangers; Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, and Mecha Sonic, who are here in anticipation of the Coalition's arrival. Metal Sonic taunts the player as the truck deploys a vast number of Egg Robos, before the trio flies off into seperate directions.

The city alternates between the city streets, most of which travel downhill, and the main parkway. The street sections are rather straight-forward, but the parkway sections provide multiple paths for the player to take. There are various hazards installed in the city, ranging from retractible fireball machines, to swinging platforms attatched to chains, to arrays of metal columns with hazard stripes that quickly bob up and down past each other. The player will have to carefully make their way through the city, fighting off Egg Robos and other assorted Badniks, until they eventually reach the freeway.

Unfortunately for the player, a long stretch of city streets is the perfect place to get run over; particularly by the deadly E.G.G. Truck, which starts relentlessly chasing you down. The truck itself is not the only threat the player will have to deal with; Sonic's mechanical nemesis Metal Sonic is there as well, to assist the truck with the player's destruction. The player will have to defeat this mechanized tag-team in order to successfully escape from the city once and for all.

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