Castle Lolo
World 8-F3
Time 800
Universe Based On Adventures of Lolo/Kirby's Dream Land
Level Designer Del
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) Lolo and Lala
Boss(es) King Egger
Difficulty Normal
Introduced in Game Version Future Versions
Castle Lolo is the third fortress of world 8, Nintendo Subspace. It is modeled after the two game series in which the characters LoLo and LaLa starred in. The first half of the level is based after their stage from Kirby's Dream Land and includes some platforming, swimming and a door maze before briefly switching to the style of Adventures of LoLo. Then comes the mini-boss fight with LoLo and LaLa, who attack by pushing Gordos. Both must be defeated within a short time of each other or they will revive.

After the battle, LoLo and LaLa will join you and use their magic projectiles to encase foes in eggs, which can be use to block attacks, float on water or to climb up. From here on, all the Heart Framers in each area must be collected to gather the key to the next room. At the end is the battle with King Egger, who hovers around and fires projectiles down at the player. He can only be harmed with egg-encased enemies thrown at him.

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