Bydo Station
World 9-3

Time Unlimited

Universe Based On R-Type

Level Designer JudgeSpear

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) Dobkeratops

Boss(es) Gomander

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.3 Beta
Bydo Station is the 3rd level in Edge of Beyond. It is modeled after the first two levels of the original R-Type, remade into a platformer level.

The first distinct area is the Space Station, where you begin on the outside. Enemies include brown robots you can pick up and toss like Shy Guys, small red ships, and bug-like Bydo ships called Surge. There is a P-Switch-activated bridge you must traverse before the P-Switch effects run out. Inside the space station, you will need to do key hunts to unlock gates in order to progress. The last set of gates are guarded by the Gondolan, a rotating turret chain with a very obvious weak spot that, when destroyed, will destroy the entire chain.

The infamous Dobkeratops appears as a mid-boss. After defeating Dobkeratops, you will then enter the second distinct area: the Bydo Caves. This section is a moderate speed auto-scrolling area where the player must evade Outslays and other creatures to reach the end. Part of the section is underwater to allow the characters to traverse it while still true to the original stage design.

After clearing the Bydo Caves, you will encounter Gomander, the end boss.

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