Boom-Boom image
Original Artwork for Boom-Boom
Vital statistics
Title Boom-Boom
Gender Male
Race Koopa-Troopa
Faction N/A
Health 4 HP
Level N/A
Status A Koopa-Troopa Boss minion
Location Grassland Outpost, various levels
Boom-Boom is a boss that appears in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. He first appears in Grassland Outpost.


Boom-Boom first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 as a boss in any castle level plus a few levels in World 8. He then appeared in Super Mario 3D Land along with a female version named Pom-Pom. His last appearance was in New Super Mario Bros. U in which he is the boss of most of the towers.


Much like Mouser and the Koopalings, Boom-Boom appears in a few levels as a boss at the end of the level. As always, he works for Bowser. When defeated, he will vanish and drop a bunch of jewels.


Boom-Boom requires only up to 3-4 hits without too much effort. He will often jump around to hurt the player, but he is still not too much of a threat.

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