Battle for Sera
Mkf bfs
World 9-S3

Time Unlimited (1000 for the train section)

Universe Based On Gears of War

Level Designer AuraLancer

Exits One

Mini-Boss(es) Berserkers,Mouser

Boss(es) Doc Robot,Brumak, General Raam (currently has temp bosses)

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.31

Battle for Sera is the 3rd secret level in Edge of Beyond. It's a stage modeled after areas from Gears of War. You start by advancing through the streets and building tops utilizing cover to get past the Locust Horde. After being dropped into an emergence hole, you then navigate the underground tunnels to make it back to the surface in time to catch the train. You then advance to the front of the train to protect the bomb meant to wipe out the Horde for good.

Other notable additions to the level, GoW universe enemies aside, is a new weapon, the Lancer Assault Rifle.

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