Battle for Dirt Hill
World -1-7
Time 1200
Universe Based On Worms
Level Designer Lars Luron, Del
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) None
Difficulty Medium-Hard
Introduced in Game Version future versions
Battle for Dirt Hill is the seventh level in World -1, the Minus World. It is based on the Worms series, and takes place on a blasted landscape serving as a war zone for the titular Worms.

The player will need to exercise extreme caution while traversing the level, as nearly everything they encounter will produce some manner of explosion. The Worms are out in full force, wielding a number of their signature weapons, including bazookas, grenades, arrows, baseball bats, even exploding old women. Stray sheep and super sheep wander the level as well, primed to explode should they collide with an enemy Worm- or the player. Land mines dot the landscape, providing only a split second in which to jump clear should the player be unfortunate enouch to step on one. And groups of fuel barrels can be found in large stockpiles, waiting to explode in a wave of fiery napalm should they be hit by a stray projectile or explosion. The player may even be unlucky enough to wander into range of an air strike, which brings down a volley of high-yield missiles to scorch the terrain with deadly napalm.

Adding to the firepower being thrown at the player, even if the player defeats the attacking Worms, they have a nasty habit of blowing themselves up upon defeat, which may end up taking out a nearby fuel drum- or the player- depending on where the defeated Worms might happen to land. Fortunately the player is not on their own here- there are supply crates located in key positions throughout the level, many containing helpful powerups. And the player can take the fight back to the Worms should they happen upon a Holy Hand Grenade, which they can use to take out large numbers of enemies at a time.

Fortunately there is no boss in the level, and no enemies other than the Worms and their explosive animal ordnance, so if the player can manage to survive the carnage unleashed upon them, they will eventually be able to reach the level goal.

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