Barrels o' Fun
World 4-S1
Time 880
Universe Based On Doom
Level Designer Mew
Exits 2
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) None
Difficulty Normal
Introduced in Game Version v 0.5
Barrels O' Fun is the first secret level of World 4, The Demon Realm.

Modeled after the level of the same name from Doom 2, Barrels O' Fun is packed to the gills with explosive Doom barrels, which make up the majority of the level. These barrels explode when hit with a projectile or shell, and are often arranged in long rows, allowing for explosive chain reactions should one detonate. Also adding to the danger is the fact that these barrels are often the only "solid ground" between you and a vat of deadly acid - should the explosions not kill you, the acid will most definitely finish the job.

Throughout the level, these barrels are arranged in unique and often puzzle-like formations, requiring you to keep your wits about you in order to proceed. Most of the enemies in the level either explode or throw projectiles, both of which are also capable of detonating the barrels, forcing you to quickly respond wither by quickly defeating said enemies of by drawing their fire away from the barrels. The last section of the level is a RUN! section, where an enemy sets off a massive chain reaction behind you, forcing you to run like mad to keep ahead of the blast while various enemies stand in your path, lest you plummet into the acid below.

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