Aztec Citadel
World 2-5

Time Unlimited

Universe Based On Pitfall, Montezuma's Return & others

Level Designer D-TurboKiller

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) Lava God

Difficulty Unknown

Introduced in Game Version v.5
Aztec Citadel is the 5th level in Alternate Earth. It takes place somewhere in Mexico. The Coalition must venture inside the citadel and retrieve a precious artifact, then escape before all hell breaks loose.

Level Layout

The level is divided into five sections:

  • The player is dropped from the sky from an airplane into the deserted, devastated village. Only one survivor remains, a Mexican by the name of Vincenzo, which warns you of the evil that awaits you. This section's design is still in planning and new ideas will be added.
  • The jungle and waterfall section. Consists of two medium-sized outdoor areas with several natural hazards; enemies include snakes, boars and possibly jaguars, as well as a few others. Quicksand, swinging vines and spring webs are also expected.
  • The citadel section. This is the longest area of the level as it consists of several different paths, each with its own hazards such as spikes, crushing walls, flamethrowers, arrows and so on; all of them lead to the boss room. Under heavy planning.
  • The boss room. What looks as a valuable artifact leads you into a trap, forcing you to confront the Lava God.
  • The RUN section. After defeating the boss, the citadel starts to crumble. You must escape the citadel while dodging its still active traps and hazards, until you reach the outside, where the plane will come to get you before you fall into a ravine. The level ends once you jump on board the plane before falling.

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