Awazon Caverns
World 8-11
Time N/A
Universe Based On Virtual Boy Wario Land
Level Designer Lars Luron
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) None
Difficulty Easy
Introduced in Game Version Future Versions

Awazon Caverns is the eleventh level in World 8, Nintendo Subspace. It is based off the game Wario Land for the ill-fated Virtual Boy system. While it does not contain the original game's ability to leap into the background, it does contain many of the original's platforming features, including a couple faux-3D elements.

The level takes place deep underground, alternating between lava-filled tropical caverns and ancient aqueduct systems. Each area is connected to the next via an elevator shaft; however the door to each elevator is locked, requiring the player to find a special key located somewhere earlier in the area. The level is crawling with strange enemies, such as Tiki Gooms, bomb-throwing bats, and spear-wielding guards that burst out of unassuming doors in the background.

Being based on a Wario game, naturally the level also contains a vast amount of treasure, much of it simply sitting around in the open. There are also a lot of false walls and floors and such, which are actually destructible bricks and ? blocks disguised to resemble part of the terrain. These false walls are sometimes given away by looking somewhat odd compared to their surroundings, like not casting a shadow, or not following the basic terrain setup of the rest of the room. These false walls and floors can not only contain hidden treasure, but can also block off doors leading to hidden rooms containing even more treasure. There are also some areas sealed off by special blocks with a flame symbol on them- these blocks can only be destroyed by fire-based attacks.

If you ignore all the secrets, though, the level is fairly straight-forward and easy to complete. The player only needs to pass through a few alternating floors of caverns and aqueducts in order to reach the flagpole.

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