Artificial Reef
World 3-11
Time N/A
Universe Based On Mega Man 8/Mega Man and Bass
Level Designer Del and Riverroad
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) Wave Man
Boss(es) Pirate Man and Aqua Man
Difficulty Hard
Introduced in Game Version v 0.5
Artifical Reef is the 11th level of The Megaverse. A combination of Aqua Man and Pirate Man's levels, the player must first make their way through an underwater maze, filled with floating spikes and various aquatic enemies.

A Rush Jet section appears midway in the level for an autoscrolling section. Wave Man appears to antagonize the player, shooting a stream of harpoons before disappearing.

After that is another maze section, but with synchronized tides that rise up and down that the player must navigate through to avoid running into obstacles.

The boss fight at the end is a tag-team between Pirate Man and Aqua Man. One offers support fire and switches out once the other has been destroyed.

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