Character Type Playable
Affiliation Good
Personality Cheerful, easy to anger
Original Appearance Sonic CD
Original Occupation Sonic fangirl
"Have no fear! Amy Rose is here!"

Amy Rose was planned to be the clone character for Sonic the Hedgehog. She would combine Sonic-style speed with weapon gameplay. The idea to use her was later dropped due to a lack of any signficant progress.


Amy first appeared in Sonic CD trying to win Sonic's heart, but she was captured by Metal Sonic in Collision Chaos Zone and brought to the Little Planet. Sonic then rescued her from Metal Sonic after a race in Stardust Speedway Zone. Since then, Amy has become a main character in the Sonic franchise as well as being playable a few times. Her first playable appearance is in Sonic R and her second is in Sonic Adventure. She wields a hammer which allows her to attack most enemies with good accuracy.


Amy wields her hammer attack akin to Link's sword. Pressing fire in mid-air will allow Amy to spin attack an enemy, causing her to swing her hammer in a full circle around her. Despite starting out as an underpowered Link clone, an as-yet unrevealed powerup grants her a spin-dash and traditional Sonic-style spin jump.


Power-Up Form Description
Initial Normal Amy In Amy's standard form, she gets the Piko Piko Hammer as her basic melee weapon.
Mega Man Suit Ring.EXE Amy Ring.EXE Amy has enhanced agility and fires rings at opponents. Each shot will cost one coin.
Unknown Classic Amy/Rosie the Rascal Amy dons her Sonic CD appearance, and gains a spin dash and a spin jump.

Hammer Upgrades

  • The Piko Piko Hammer is Amy's basic melee weapon, and causes stomp-like damage.
  • The Long Hammer has extended reach, but slower swing time.
  • The Gravity-Piko Hammer is the Sci-Fi equivalent to the Piko-Piko Hammer. It is the strongest hammer upgrade, but it is also the slowest hammer to wield.

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