Alternate Earth
World 2

Universe(s) Represented Our world
Metal Slug

Number of Levels 18 normal
5 secret
2 fortresses
1 world boss level

Coin Skin Metal Slug Coins

World Boss General Morden

Alternate Earth is the second world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It is home to levels that take place in many different areas of the world. Most of the levels are modeled after various games that are set in a modern-day Earth, such as Metal Slug.

Development History

Alternate Earth has its origins from Super Mario MF. In that prototype version of MKFusion, that world was supposed to be called Military War Zone, which was exclusively military-themed, very much like a whole Metal Slug-based world. It included the level of the same name in Super Mario MF.

Once Super Mario Fusion was under development, the theme of the world was changed from a war-torn world to a general rendition of our planet Earth. The current MKF version of Alternate Earth now has a slew of levels taking place in locations all over the world.


The World Boss is General Morden of the Metal Slug franchise.


Total number of levels: 26

  • Normal Levels: 18
  • Secret Levels: 5
  • Fortresses: 2
  • World Boss: 1


North America

South America

  • World 2-F1: Forest Temple (Zelda temple) (Based off of the Forest Temple dungeon from Ocarina of Time. Will be where Link is first encountered. Tileset and some enemies available.)
  • World 2-6: Cruise Control





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