Albatoss An Albatoss is originally a red bird found in the games Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic. The birds often drop Bob-ombs on Mario and his allies, making passage through the levels of Subcon difficult. If an Albatoss flies low enough, Mario and his friends can jump on its back and ride on top of the bird. Albatoss can be found on various levels in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, such as Foul Fungi and Wart's Nightmare. Ridng him is a vital technique to passing Act 3.


Albatosses used to be normal residents of Subcon until the maniacal Wart seized power. The toad king ordered the red birds to be part of his military. Albatosses were trained to carry Bob-ombs and drop them on civillians who would make life trouble for the new dictator.


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