Adventurer's Domain
World 6

Universe(s) Represented Various fantasy-themed and mythological-themed games.

Number of Levels 8 normal
3 secret
2 fortresses
1 world boss level

Coin Skin TBA

World Boss TBA

Adventurer's Domain is the sixth world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It is a world centered around fantasy and mythological-themed games such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.




Total number of levels: 14

  • Normal Levels: 8
  • Secret Levels: 3
  • Fortresses: 2
  • World Boss: 1


Normal Levels

Secret Levels

Development History

This world was formerly known as SHMUPS Domain. It was originally intended to be an optional world focused heavily on SHMUP (shoot 'em up) games (such as R-Type and Gradius), but was changed into a fantasy setting world due to the following reasons:

  • Programming difficulties of the now ill-fated SHMUPS system, which was scrapped.
  • The impracticality of sticking a genre-shifting game mechanic in MKF, which, at this time of writing, already has so many other game mechanics crammed into it.
  • The similarity in theme between SHMUPS Domain and World 9 (Edge of Beyond). Both had an outer space/sci-fi theme; there was no point and even unfair to the other unrepresented and underrepresented games for there to be two worlds with a similar theme.

JudgeSpear admitted that SHMUPS Domain was a vanity addition, since he is a big fan of the SHMUPS genre. With the culling of the SHMUPS system, the SHMUPS Domain world became useless and expendable. The existing SHMUPS-themed level, Bydo Station, was moved to World 9, along with SHMUPS Domain's plot.

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