Abstract Landscape
World -1-4
Time N/A
Universe Based On Marble Madness, Qix, Quarth, Jezzball, etc.
Level Designer Gladiacloud
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) None
Difficulty Normal
Introduced in Game Version Future Versions
Abstract Landscape is the fourth level in World -1, the Minus World.

It is a Fusion level combining together a number of "abstract"-type games; games such as Qix, Marble Madness, and Quarth, that are quite bizarre in layout and unlike most other games. Most of the level is a fusion of the strange square shapes from Qix and the "2.5D" isometric terrain of Marble Madness, dotted with enemies and hazards from both games, as well as from other unusual games. Coins in this game are modeled after the titular balls from the game Jezzball, while ? blocks are modeled after the cursor from said game.

The level consists of three main rooms. The first predominently contains Marble Madness elements, and is a basic platformer-style level. The second contains predominantly Qix elements, and features a labyrinth swarming with the titular stick-like creatures, which bounce around furiously and require a starman to pass.

Lastly, the third main room is an unusual vertically-scrolling area modeled after the game Quarth; a series of shapes descend from above, and the player must remove them by turning them into rectangles- this is done by hitting a number of invisible "blocks" around the descending shapes, using special springboards on the platform at the bottom of the screen to reach them. The player has to remove the shapes quickly enough to prevent from being crushed, as well as deal with occasional enemies positioned throughout the area. Completing this third area takes the player to the flagpole.

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